Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets

Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets. Vaulted ceilings are familiar, formal and informal, by many names in modern design (such as cathedral ceilings, raised ceilings, high ceilings, to name a few). The gas range and ventilation system are both painted in white to complement the color scheme of this room.

30 Best Kitchens With Vaulted Ceilings | Vaulted ceiling ...
30 Best Kitchens With Vaulted Ceilings | Vaulted ceiling … from

Since the tops of the cabinets will not have a ceiling to run into, they will be open and exposed and a great place for dust to settle, which does mean extra cleaning. Kitchens with vaulted ceilings vaulted kitchen ceiling ideas 2017. Vaulted ceiling offers good ventilation in the kitchen.

So if we add vaulted ceilings in our new kitchen it will feel much larger and spacious.

The vaulted ceiling is the hottest trend right now. All you need to know about vaulted ceilings. Kitchen cabinets with vaulted ceiling. It will also add an element of grandeur.

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