Refinishing Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing Metal Kitchen Cabinets. Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a good way to liven up your living space and increase the value of your home. Macfarlane estimates that refinishing kitchen cabinets can take anywhere from four to eight weekends, or between 60 and 130 hours.

Emily & Andy's Vintage Cottage | Metal kitchen cabinets ...
Emily & Andy's Vintage Cottage | Metal kitchen cabinets … from

To remove the old paint you can always use a new paint or varnish. To repaint the kitchen cabinets all the doors and hardware are to be removed. Sometimes we just want a change, and new kitchen cabinets can be very expensive.

Deciding between refinishing and replacing kitchen cabinets is a big—and costly—decision, so we turned to a design expert to help make the choice a tiny kitchen cabinets have a lot of requirements to meet.

Being skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in cabinet refinishing can be a huge competitive advantage. How to repair water damaged kitchen cabinets. Before you do any refinishing, macfarlane recommends starting this project by thoroughly scrubbing your kitchen cabinetry. But there is another way to repaint without even removing the doors some cabinets are smooth in touch and comfortable to refinish.

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