Painting Formica Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Formica Kitchen Cabinets. Then read our simple guide on how to do exactly that right here! Formica kitchen cabinets require a little more prep than wood when repainting.

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Feel free to contact the experts at k&b cabinets at. Want to paint formica cabinets? Painting your formica countertops is a very effective way of enhancing the look of your kitchen and transforming it according to your choice and in this article we have explained how to paint formica countertops in the easiest and most effective way.

Knobs, handles, hinges and other areas can be masked using painter's tape.

Whether you plan to paint formica counters or cabinets, protect the surrounding areas—floors, namely, but also lower cabinets if painting countertops or countertops if painting upper cabinets—and any nearby. If your cabinets are dinged and scratched to the point of needing filler repair, then painting would be your option rather subject: Paint formica kitchen cabinet wildlybrittish com. Paint will peel off of the laminate surface if you don't prepare it correctly.

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